A regular meeting of the editorial board was held on June 2. The following issues were considered: 1. The increasing of the publication activity and the improvement of the scientific articles published in the issues of the Russian Science Citation Index database, Higher Attestation Commision, Scopus and Web of Sciences (professor Grzybowski A.M., Oslo, Norway). 2. Approval of materials of the issue No. 2 (07) “Medical Sciences”. 3. Miscellanous. On the first agenda item Andrei Mechislavovich made a useful discussion about the measures to improve the quality of published articles in our series, increasing the citation, correct editorial policy for inclusion of the series in the publication base of Higher Attestation Commision. Grzybowski A.M. was handed a Letter of Gratitude by director of the Medical Institute Gogolev N.M. for active participation in publications in top rated journals.

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