Article by article materials of the “MS” №3(04)_2016

8-10. Avvakumova N.V. with co-authors. Clinical and morphological characteristics of the gastric mucosa 11-14. Alekseeva S.N. with co-authors. On the issue of clinical examination 15-17. Andreev M.N. with co-authors. An analysis of the main reasons of lethal outcome 18-20. Argunova A.N. with co-authors. Application of SAT-test 21-24. Borisova N.V., Karpova A.G. Indicators of state and trait anxiety among the first-year students 25-29. Vinokourov M.M. with co-authors. Improved results of surgical treatment of elderly aged patients 30-32. Daibanyrova L.V., Postnikova A.M. Impact of acetylsalicylic acid and nitrates 33-35. Donskaya A.A. with co-authors. Risk factors of arterial hypertension progression 36-38. Dutkin M.P. Communication technologies (messengers) and suicides 39-42. Zolotareva A.G. with co-authors. Intensive therapy of central diabetes insipidus 43-45. Lukina A.M., Yakovleva L.P. About the experience of social support organization  46-48. Markova S.V. with co-authors. Health of children living in the Arctic zone 49-51. Mordovskaya L.I. with co-authors. Drug resistance of tuberculosis microbacteria 52-55. Nikiforova T.I. with co-authors. Clinical case of idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis 56-59. Nikolaevna T.Ya. with co-authors. Clinical case of pregnancy outcome 60-65. Parshina S.S. with co-authors. Impact of space weather 66-69. Parshina S.S. with co-authors. Modern approaches to diagnostics and treatment of thrombophilia 70-73. Petrov V.S. with co-authors. Intraoperative damage of extrahepatic bile ducts 74-76. Petrova V.S. with co-authors. Features and technical aspects of laparoscopic cholecystectomy in acute cholecystitis 77-78. Petrova M.N. Peculiarities of repeated hospitalization of patients with gout 79-81. Popova E.K. with co-authors. Ethnic characteristics of metabolic syndrome 82-84. Popova L.A. with co-authors. Surgical treatment of patients with pathology of carotid arteries 85-87. Sivtseva T.P. Ecological aspects of a thyroid gland morphogenesis in fetuses and newborns 88-91. Sosina S.S. with co-authors. The incidence of lambliasis in the period from 2013-2015 92-95. Sofronova A.R. with co-authors. Reasons of chronic viral hepatitis progression 96-98. Sydykova L.A. Analysis of antidiabetic drug therapy of patients with diabetes mellitus 99-101. Tobohov A.V. with co-authors. Influence of comorbidities of gepatoduodenopankreatic zone organs on the complications of laparoscopic cholecystectomy 102-104. Tobohov A.V. with co-authors. Grounding for selection of resection volume of a colon 105-107. Philippova R.D. with co-authors. Analysis of «near miss» 108-110. Chibyeva L.G., Gatilova M.I. Comparative characteristics of clinical manifestations 111-113. Chibyeva L.G. with co-authors. Role of standard risk factors 114-117. Yakovleva A.E. with co-authors. Investigation of multiple exostotic chondrodysplasia 118-121. Yakovleva L.P. with co-authors. Comprehensive assessment of epidemiological situation for tuberculosis 122-124. Yakovleva M.V. Characteristic of suicide situation

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