Article by article materials of the “MS” № 4(09)2017

8-11 Avvakumova N.V. with co-authors. Clinical and endoscopic characteristics of GERD   12-16 Akimova L.S. Analysis of prescriptions of systemic antibiotics   17-22 Bekeneva L.V. Depressive disorder   23-26 Bessonova N.G., Bessonov P.P. Indicators of the clinical work of the day patient department   27-30 Vinokurova S.P. Physical health of first-year students   31-33 Vinokurova S.Yu., Klimova T.M. Consumer’s preferences in choosing drugs for treatment   34-37 Gavrileva K.S. with co-authors. Application of electrophoresis with reindeer antler mass    38-41 Daibanyrova L.V. Сhronic heart failure   42-45 Dutkin M.P. Ethnocultural factors of suicidal behavior   46-50 Ivanov N.I. with co-authors. Effective treatment of pulmonary tuberculosis patients   51-54 Konnikova E.E. with co-authors. The 25th anniversary of the Pathology Center   55-58 Lebedeva U.M. with co-authors. Topical issues of the food culture in Yakutia   59-61 Lytkina A.A., Chibyeva L.G. Clinical-functional state of liver   62-64 Morozova A.I., Klimova T.M. Elements of merchandising in pharmacies   65-68 Nikiforova T.I. with co-authors. Clinical current of cystic fibrosis   69-72 Nikolaeva T.Ia., Semenov A.A. Environmental aspects in studying the epidemiology of stroke   73-76 Pavlova T.Yu. with co-authors. Ways to reduce maternal mortality   77-81 Petrova M.N. with co-authors. Perspectives of cadaveric transplantation   82-84 Popova T.E with co-authors. On the potential of paraclinic methods   85-88 Rybochkina A.V. with co-authors. Рathology of digestive organs in children   89-95 Sleptsova S.S. with co-authors. Main factors of CVH’s progressing risk   96-99 Stepanova G.K. with co-authors. Hemispheric Dominance   100-104 Tarabukina S.M. with co-authors. Methodical approaches to assessing the availability of narcotic drugs   105-108 Teryutin F.M. with co-authors. Auditory evoked potentials   109-116 Timofeev L.F. with co-authors. The medical and demographic situation in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia)   117-120 Chibyeva L.G., Gatilova M.l. Immunological characteristics of chronicalcohol and alcohol-viral hepatitis   121-125 Chugunova S.A. with co-authors. Venous stroke in a young patient   126-127 About Congress   128-130 Resolution of Congress

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