Article by article materials of the “MS” №1(06)2017

6-10 Tazlova R.S. Historical sketch of development of educational and methodical work 11-17 Borisova N.V. Improving the educational programs 18-24 Gogolev N.M. with co-authors. The initial accreditation of Medical Institute graduates 25-31 Savvina N.V. with co-authors. Usage of the innovative learning technologies 32-37 Palshina A.M. with co-authors. Formation of moral and ethical competencies in students 38-45 Pshennikova E.V. with co-authors. Interdisciplinary integration 46-49 Zakharova F.A. with co-authors. Integration of basic and clinical knowledge 50-54 Alekseeva S.N. with co-authors. Training experience in the Pathophysiology course 55-58 Nikolaeva T.Ya. with co-authors. Interactive teaching methods in Neurology 59-63 Sleptsova S.S. with co-authors. The organization of educational and methodical work 64-70 Daibanyrova L.V., Chibyeva L.G. Educational complex in teaching propaedeutics 71-74 Markova S.V. with co-authors. Point-rating system of assessment 75-82 Chibyeva L.G., Daibanyrova L.V. Development of evaluation criteria 83-86 Basharin K.G. The modern forms of organizing students’ individual work and education  87-90 Guliaeva N.A., Egorova M.V. Extracurricular independent work of students 91-95 Artamonova S.U. with co-authors. Organizations of students independent work 96-98 Ivanova O.N. The elective course on Clinical Allergology 99-105 Antipina U.D. with co-authors. The burnout syndrome 106-111 Malogulova I.Sh. with co-authors. Pre-university career guidance 112-116 Zakharova N.M., Stepanova L.A. The motivation of applicants as an indicator 117-124 Kolodeznikova E.D. with co-authors. Tobacco smoking and health of first- and second-year students 125-129 Malysheva L.A. with co-authors. Instructor by the eyes of NEFU Medical Institute students

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